Our products are used in a large variety building types with many applications and sizes, including office towers, residential complexes, hotels, and mixed-use buildings that have become some of New York City’s largest and iconic structures. Every step of the way, we provide extensive resources to help you plan, install, operate, and maintain our products and solutions.

Our team works with engineers and architects, project managers, and contractors to specify the right products for every job. We help specify material and equipment, and quote jobs for commercial, retail, multi-use, office buildings and large residential complexes and towers. We provide expert technical advice including professional engineers, design assistance, product selections and sizing, and OEM product fabrication and manufacturing.

Our professional application engineering team is composed of seasoned and experienced sales engineers capable of sizing all types of equipment: from grease traps, oil interceptors, flow control roof drains, trench drains, pumps and pumping systems, filtration, gas and steam fired water heaters, tankless water heater systems, concentric venting, steam and water control valves, regulators, digital controls, high efficiency boilers, and heat exchangers. We provide specifications and equipment for replacements or new equipment that meets regulatory compliance standards. Our sales engineers are also available to survey your building using a “best practice approach” to develop comprehensive plans to upgrade and/or maintain safety equipment drench showers and eye wash.

We represent an extensive line of engineered equipment and are qualified to oversee the proper factory prescribed startup procedures. This ensures that all equipment functions properly and meets operational parameters in a reliable and efficient manner.

Our services include grease trap sizing and replacement, grease solids and oil removal, roof and floor drain selection and sizing.

Our staff is always happy to help you learn the ins and outs of our products and the ways they can help you achieve your design and engineering goals. Our training comes in many forms: workshops, product demonstrations, field service, training & certifications to educate contractors, facility managers, end-users, wholesalers and engineers on our full range of products. We offer a full range of AIA and CEU accredited courses, on a variety of topics. The product knowledge we provide offers real-world solutions that can take your project to the next level.

We offer service contracts tailored to your specific requirements. Our experienced field service personnel will inspect key elements in your system to determine if there are any problems that may need immediate attention. We cover plumbing, heating, hot water, digital mixing valves, steam and hydronic systems. Inquire today about how our preventative maintenance programs can improve the performance and lifespan of pumps, Armstrong International digital mixing valves, heat exchangers and all the equipment in your hydronic loop as well as reduce the risk of legionella. Ask today how we can help.

We maintain extensive field service capabilities to provide our clients with prompt and courteous service response. We are experienced in servicing plumbing, mechanical, steam, and hydronic equipment and offer 24-7 field support.

In the world of commercial quoting, WJNY has a two-fold mission: to provide quotes that are 1) accurate and 2) completed in a timely fashion. Our experienced and dedicated team can also answer any product cross-referencing questions when you are seeking alternates to a specified item.

For every order you place, you can count on a team of people looking over your order. There are over 30 checkpoints to ensure your order is carefully reviewed and entered accurately. Our review process includes all stages including pre-order and asking all the appropriate questions about sizing, application, fit, pricing, aesthetic, to checking lead times, quantity, assembling, picking, packing, staging the order and checking counts, through to invoicing and field support. Our experienced, dedicated high performing team ensures every order is looked over with genuine care. That has been our legacy.

We realize that having great products is not enough — you need to be able to get them when you need them. Our team is here assist with obtaining product lead-times, to help you make more informed decisions, so your project gets completed on schedule. Likewise, we are also able to track any orders you may have in transit, so you can know ahead of time when, and where, your products will be arriving.

If you have any technical issues or questions relating to any of our products, our team is here to give you the assistance you need promptly. We realize that having great product support is just as important as having a great product itself.